Line By Daye was started by Derra Howard.  Derra had a love for fashion ever since she was a little girl.  She would always play dress up and mix match her styles.


When she grew into adulthood, that love never changed.  In 2016 she started her blog (www.derrahoward.com) with it's focus on fashion, life and epilepsy advocacy.  She loved tthat she could point out seasonal styles and trends.  By January 2019, she decided to go forwarded with starting her own boutique.  The name she came up with is "Line By Daye."  Her nickname is Daye.  The boutique would focus on trendy and stylish outfits for the trendy woman.  


In March 2019, Line By Daye was started.  Derra does pop ups and social media promotions daily.  She wants her clients to love their clothes just as much as she does.  Having style and knowing what to do with it is key.  This is whatt Line By Daye is her for.



Line By Daye Team